Because stupid blogger keeps giving me a code when i want to change my template and because my blog now has irritating things like "Published by Tandra under on Wednesday, October 08, 2008 "that the rogueking finds amusing that annoy me no end... I am temporarily moving here.

If the powers that be (evil support at google) fix the stupid bug, i Might be back but at this rate... I am not tooooooo sure.
wasnt i there and i had to do a presentation? ((reminds self to get over such phrases.. i think "wasnt i there" is no "on market"))

Anyway, I had to do something today and i learnt something about myself and yes skunk, you were right. I will talk about that more some day when I can deal with the reality that failure is.

Moving on: i am unaccountedly sleepy at very odd hours. I can understand that desire to find a tree at the constitutional square (or is it called CHOGM gardens these days?) and catch a wink but this is becoming loony! And the worst part of it is i feel like i am about to be called on it.

I wonder what happened to the whole "see but dont say anything" thing. I seem to remember sending out that particular memo....

I have thus decided to change my sleep patterns. Yes!!!!!!!!

Sleep is exciting and you can never have enough of it. NAY you say?

I totally agree...

Okay, im done time killing... i shall write more coherent stuff soon.

Sorry i chewed into valuable moments of your day.

remember... live each day (well minute) like its your last!
I wanted to write something inspiring.... I wanted to write some thing mind blowing... obviously that isnt going to happen today, so i present... RANDOMSIES! YAY!

1. I know this person who gets on my nerves quite a lot. They are "good people" but sometimes (read most of the time) they do not know when to quit.. always telling you what you should do, what you should wear, how much you should pay for something or even what you should be doing with your life.

Makes you wonder how this person became YOU and thus knows whats good or not good for YOU.

Enewe, as i was contemplating the unfairness of life as it seemed, i remembered this.

When we were in high school and someone was visiting your room and generally doing the empty tin analogy proud, we would say "Touch your bed".

i'm about to tell this person to "touch their body!"

2. And then someone said something to me and this word sprung forth from whatever corner it had been hiding... "Bleak!" or "blick" or "blique" meaning Nada.. ZERO or i dont know or something of the sorts.

Yikes.. when was the last time i used that?

Just know i felt a sense of accomplishment.

3. So there's this really boring meeting i had to sit through ( i will never understand why boring meetings are long!). Ate they dont even provide those nice parliamentary chairs in which the MP's are always dozing, these ones have no arm rests.. u cannot successfully sleep and balance yourself at the same time (trust me, i know this to be true).

When the break came, i power napped. I didnt have any choice. I admit it! Instead of maybe hunting down a samosa or chapati.. i napped and it felt great!!!!

Until the meeting started again......

4. Have you ever dailed a number looking for money and then you are informed that the peep is dead? No.. that has never happened to you?? sure???

Lets just say you are most fortunate.

If i can rate my more akward moments of the year, this would rank really high up the list.

5. So i was tapping Kabozi and this girl was complaining coz her ex-friend hooked up with her ex-boyfriend and she was ticked off at her ex-friend for betraying her like that and her ex for just running off with this other girl.

Please note: she is still tight with the ex and they have a bit of chemistry still going.

But this was where i decided girls can be silly or is it that humans can be selfish and self-centred.
Turns out, a while back she (the complainer) had hooked up with her then-friend's ex boyfriend.

What goes around comes around... 4 sho!
You know blogging has gone too far when you are writing down "research" and you start referring exactly how you would link in your posts. Trust me... tis a world altering experience when people do not understand what you are going on about... kinda like you expected them to use their fingers on the papers and it would automatically link to whatever online source you are quoting.

If you do not understand any of what I am saying, I am glad to report that you are not in the portion of bloggers affected by over blogging. That is a very good thing... you are still "normal".
I just walked for an hour..... dont ask but i think these Wazungu activities are going to my head. I am absolutely taking leave from this "exercise" crap... tisnt good on my relatively endowed body, thats all I'm saying!

In other news, No- there will not be any Tandralets coming along... no will there be any world overthrowing endevours (although I think I am steadily working towards that end), there will be no robbing banks.....

I have however fallen out of the little love I was in. Tis sad but I guess I had to grow up when dude wasnt on my plot..but that too is okay, I mean... there's only so much of my fabulousness to go around.. must be stingy about it and what not.

No, dont look at me that way. Im really fine... twas "a little"... some how conviniently everyone skap over this, no idea why.

So im back on the market, so to speak... so err...prepare to wow me.

I did see a cutie today... OMG! Such a cute guy! But then I could not help but think... is this guy really cute or is it because he fits the stereotype?
And i can not believe it!
Sorry for my other friends.. in English speak that means " I am going to die!"

So the other day, i decided to go to a Yoga class. (No, i didnt have to pay) well.. maybe i did, come to think of it... but anyway.. i was curious as to know what those positions were... manya cactus, manya dog, manya child, manya whatever

So there i am... i pull out my snazzy shorts... I know its supposed to be sweat pants from the various adverts i have seen but i figured thats what they were... Adverts. WEYA!

then in addition to my snazzy shorts, i had my snazzy sneakers and very white socks.. MBU showing i was clean. again... WEYA!

I had to bear my badly in need of a pedicure toes to the world... twas horrifying!!

So anyway... i stood out like a sore thumb... but i said... "I shall not let Africans every where down! Imma do this like im doing this for TV"

The instructor sounds like one of those commercials of the sexy seductress chick... just know... in the ka session when they said "relax.. look within...." and then gave me like 5 minutes to do this... i went to sleep! Twas soooo comfy (by the by, this is frowned upon, just so u know)

After my Yoga session and feeling terribly sleepy i also decide to sign up for a spinning class... hence the "Ngenda ku ffa" statement.

Do not be fooled by this name... u do not stand about and twirl.

Instead u ride bikes (stationary ofcos) as u wld if you were out door... so u has the music, the climbs, the side way "spins".. the slows, the peaks... its fun...

When you aint the one doing it!!!

So there i was midway session and i was thinking of the easiest way to make it to the door without being seen. No such luck.....

I suffer through to the end so some chick (barbara) was giving me tips (coz i miserably failed).. so im like "well next time, i will do that" (((HECK NO! I NOT GOING BACK!))))

So then comes the clincher... i ask her how long she'd been spinning... MBU four years...

I hung my head and silently walked away.... to die... in peace... away from the pitying eyes... by myself...